How to draw L bracket

by Rezz on November 29, 2010

In this autocad tutorial you’ll learn how to draw L bracket. Something like this;

1. Open a new drawing. Click New autocad-tutorial-ex1-new

2. Make sure Ortho mode is ON, (it ON when it glow in blue)
click the icon to turn it ON or OFF. (or press F8 to toggle)

3. Type z [Space bar], type e [Space bar]. This will zoom extents your drawing area.

4. Make sure you have this requirement Layers for your drawing.
No idea how to create layer? Read autocad tutorial about how to create layers.

5. Make sure layer 0 is selected as current layer.

6. Click Line, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line specify first point at 0,0. Type 0,0 [Enter].
Move your cursor to right side and type 3 [Enter].
Move your cursor upward and type 3 [Enter].
Your line should look like this;

7. Click Offset, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-offsetspecify offset distance to 0.25. Type 0.25 [Enter].
Click on vertical line as object to offset,
click on left side as offset side.
To offset bottom line, select the line
click on top side of the line as offset side.

Press [Esc] few times to end offset command.

8. Click Line, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line draw 2 lines to close top and left open edge.

9. Click Fillet, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-fillet type r to specify fillet radius.
Type 0.25 for the radius.
Click on inside line as first and second line (dotted line).


10. Repeat step 9 for outside fillet, set r (outside fillet) to 0.5.

11. Now we will draw right view of the bracket. Click Line, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line draw 3 line similar like this;

12. Click Offset, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-offsetspecify offset distance to 2. Type 2 [Enter].
Click right side as offset side.


13. Click Trim, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-trim select all 4 line by clicking bottom right corner to upper left corner (selecting by green box, select right to left. Read autocad tutorial about selecting objects). This will turn all 4 line become cutting edge.
Press [Space bar] to confirm selection.

Click on outer line (as shown)
and click outer top line (as shown) to trim it off.
First trimmed edge done,

repeat this steps to trim off other 3 corners.

Press [Esc] few times to end trim command.

14. Click Offset, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-offsetspecify offset distance to 1. Type 1 [Enter].
Select top and side as offset object, offset direction to inner side.

15. Click Circle, autocad-tutorial-ex13-circle specify center of the circle at intersection of the cross. Click at the intersection.
Specify radius to 0.5, type 0.5 [Enter]. Press [Esc] few times to end circle command.

16. Select the cross line, (point and click)
press [Del] to delete it.

17. Click Chamfer,
Type d, to specify chamfer distance.
specify distance 1 to 0.25, type 0.25 [Enter],
specify distance 2 to 0.25, type 0.25 [Enter],
pick the fist edge,
pick the second edge,


18. Repeat step 17 to chamfer the other corner.

19. Click Offset, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-offsetspecify offset distance 0.25 [Enter].

Select bottom edge and offset it to inner side.

Press [Esc] few times to end offset command.

20.Click Offset, autocad-tutorial-ex13-line-offsetthis time we’ll set offset distance as through, type t [Enter].

Select top line of front view as line to be offset. Click and [Enter].

We will make continuous offset of this line, so we need multiple offset. Type m [Enter].

Click at this points,

21. Click on this line;

change the layer to HIDDEN.

Your sketch will change to this.

22. Repeat step 21 and change center line at front view on CENTER LINE layer.

23. Click Scale, select center line,

select base point of the scale, click at midpoint of the center line.

specify scale size to 3. Type 3 [Enter].

24. Change current layer to CENTER LINE,

Click Annotate>Dimensions>Center Mark

Click on through hole to mark its center mark.

25. Change current layer to DIM layer,

click Linear,

Click at one of the corner (endpoint) of the bracket,

click at another corner (endpoint) of the bracket,

pull up your cursor and click to place the dimension on the drawing.

26. Press [Space bar] to repeat last command (linear dimension) and continue dimensioning other linear dimension;

27. For dimensioning diameter of the through hole, click Diameter,

click on the circle edge

and pull the dimension out and click to place it on the drawing.

28. Now we need to add leader to call out chamfer size, click Multileader, click on chamfer edge

and click again to place it on the drawing.

Type 2x C0.25 and press [Esc] to end multileader command.

29. Change current layer to TEXT layer,

Click on Multiline Text,

turn off ortho mode by press [F8] click on drawing to specify first and second point, type FRONT VIEW.

Press [Esc] to end entering text. Repeat this step for right view.

Your drawing is done.

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