by Rezz on November 6, 2010

AutoCAD Zoom enable you to magnify and reduce drawing view. There is 4 ways you can access the AutoCAD Zoom command.

1. By ribbon menu.

2. Zoom at Navigation Bar (top right).

3. By typing Z or ZOOM in command line.

4. By using mouse wheel scroll

Although AutoCAD zoom have  many zoom option like Zoom Extents, Zoom Window, Zoom Previous, Zoom Realtime, Zoom All, Zoom Dynamic, Zoom Scale, Zoom Center, Zoom Object, Zoom In, Zoom Out.

3 zoom that commonly used while drafting in AutoCAD is Zoom Extents, Zoom Window, Zoom Previous.

Zoom Extents – is use to zoom the outer most of your drawing lines and sketches. You can zoom extents by double click of your wheel mouse.

Zoom Windows – is use to zoom particular window box. Use this zoom by define window box and AutoCAD will zoom in to the max of that box.

Zoom Previous – is to go back to previous zoom size.

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